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Mon, Feb 28 2023  


Package Anxiety and its origins 

Package anxiety is a feeling of worry or stress that arises from the anticipation of receiving or sending a package. It is a relatively new phenomenon that has become more prevalent with the rise of online shopping and delivery services.

People who experience package anxiety may feel nervous about whether the package will arrive on time, whether it will be delivered to the correct location, and whether the contents will be in good condition. They may also worry about the security of their package and whether it will be stolen or lost in transit.

Package anxiety can be heightened by factors such as a high-value package, a package with sentimental value, or a package that is being sent or received from a distant location. In some cases, package anxiety may even lead to avoidance of online shopping or reluctance to send packages altogether.

To mitigate package anxiety, it can be helpful to track packages closely and communicate with the sender or recipient to ensure a smooth delivery. Using reputable delivery services with good track records can also help alleviate anxiety. Finally, it can be helpful to remember that while delays and issues may occur, they are often rare and can usually be resolved with patience and communication.

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